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Learn how to 

  • make more money, 
  • how to invest money, 
  • the best approach to property investment, 
  • the share market, 
  • how to take back control of my financial wellbeing and 
  • confidently build security for my future.

Expert Financial Guidance at your Fingertips

Get regular doses of financial intel you can trust, from two of Australia’s leading, most accomplished financial experts. 

Deanne Carter and Fran Hughes are women who both started with very little and single-handedly built their own wealth and portfolios

You’ll receive full access to 

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And, because we know the 'Women and Money' arena so well, all of the content is designed to speak into the Woman that you are - jargon free with zero judgement and no big-sells!


Designed by Women for Women

We know Women really want to live a life on your own terms! Have the holidays you always dream about, work less, sleep easy knowing expenses are covered, be secure about your retirement, feel excited about your kid’s great school… whatever your heart desires. 


This is about YOU.  

  • AWAKEN  your available financial resources
  • EMBRACE  your hard earned dollars and get them working for you
  • ENRICH your life and grow your wealth with confident investing
  • and ultimately embark on a journey in life, where you FLOURISH.

This is you DESIGNING the life that you want.  

Unashamedly. Unapologetically.  

No wishy-washy pipe dreams, rather real action steps leading you towards what you want financially.

Foundational concepts, foundamental ‘ways of BEing’ enabling you to change the dynamic of how your money works.  

Easy to follow, practical pathways designed to equip you with the 

  • knowledge, 
  • skills and 
  • strategies 
so you can turn your life dreams into reality and build security for you family. 

It's a small investment of $27/month  A small price for such a BIG opportunity. 

Support and understanding.  No judgement.  No guilt.  No embarrassment

Money so often comes with a shroud of embarrassment, guilt and shame.  And yet, over the years we have seen enormous breakthroughs occur when Women learn more about Money within a safe, non judgemental environment.  

Not only does their day to day relationship with money shift, but the way they dance with it and what they can effectively grow and manage is incredible.  

Be heard, understood and totally supported – not judged or humiliated for your money journey.

Enjoy a like-minded community

Connect with women who share similar money goals to you and who want to see you succeed!  

Stay on track, and keep motivated with your sisters who cheer you on to dream big, make great choices, and break bad habits.   

Women Friends who speak your language. No time wasted on complainers and nay-sayers!
Special member-only Events

Womens Money Forum holds regular events online and around Australia. Connect, Learn & Be Inspired


At only $27 per month, it’s your coffee for only one week. A tiny investment for a huge gain. Plus, there's loads of free stuff as well.


We’re the Money Experts you wish you’d met 10 years ago. Experts in building wealth and portfolios in property investing and the share market.

Deanne Carter  

De is Founder of Womens Money Forum. She’s been investing since 1989 and has coached hundreds of women in implementing their own investment strategy over the last 11 years.

She's a devoted Mother, closet ballet dancer, fitness fanatic, and a marathon runner with a passion for conscious living.

Amongst these, she thrives on being a student of "Life".

De is a self-confessed learning junkie with a Certificate IV in Financial Services, Diploma of Financial Planning and Post Graduate Diploma in Education.

Fran Hughes  

Fran is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, CFP®, with over 30 experience in guiding everyday Australians on their journey to financial freedom and retirement. She co-founded Insight Financial Partners in 2002 where she delivered her expertise and passion to assist her clients in achieving the lifestyles they want. This resulted in her being nominated by her professional peers for the Female Advisor of the Year (2012) and again the Female Excellence in Advice (2016).

She is the proud mum of two daughters, an urban athlete, business owner and loves to connect from the heart!

She takes the complexity out of wealth creation by speaking plain language when it comes to finances, and creating a solid foundation for her clients to have a healthy relationship with money. Today, she spreads the message of financial literacy throughout all life stages to empower audiences to achieve the lifestyle they’ve been dreaming of!

Together we've created the Women’s Money Forum and we're setting out to inspire & enliven women to lead their family to an abundant, joyful life of freedom.

One thing we know for sure is Women love to come together, and share in a common goal. We not only collaborate especially well, but we provide a network of support and a safe haven for other Women.


Observing life IS no longer an option.  It’s time to be the best version of you. To Design the Life you desire and deserve. And develop Intuitive Money systems to enable you to experience and LIVE life in a whole new way.

Your Money.  Styled for Growth.  Designed for Life.

See you on the inside

De & Fran xx

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